New Idioms by Kristoffer ├śrum (November 2014)

The Forest by Ann Marie Miller (February 2015)

Teknoparadise by Laura Hyunjhee Kim (February 2016)
Shift by Wayne Marci (March 2016)
Talking Walls by Jody Zellen (April 2016)
n3t50ng5 by Julianne Aguilar (May 2016)
Web Screenshot Archive by Corsin Billeter (July 2016)
OK by Nancy Jones (December 2016)

Infected Objects by Luke Munn (January 2017)
RHIZOME ANNOUNCE by Brad Brace (February 2017)
Value Meal Cruft by Robert Spahr (March 2017)
Veritas by Mary Hanlon (April 2017)
Generative HTML5 Works by Wayne Madsen (May 2017)
Best of Luck with the Wall (Variant) by Garrett Lynch (June 2017)
Earhole by Mitchell Craft (July 2017)
Flower by Fengyi Zhu (August 2017)
Blackhole by Richard Haley (September 2017)
5 Quadrillion: A Model of Value of Earth by Misha Rabinovich (October 2017)
Affordable Dreams by Sandrine Deumier (November 2017)
Forward by Sasha Portis (December 2017)

Horoscopes with a Trump Rhetoric Rising by Kevin Brophy (January 2018)
Melting Pot III by Jean-Michel Rolland (February 2018)
Non Surgical Nose Job - Plastic Surgery Update by Dahlia Bloomstone(March 2018)
Mixed Connections by Emma Dickson (April 2018)

Screen by Josh Gumiela (March 2019)
Just Coffee by Kay Leigh Farley (April 2019)
Fragments by Hannah Tardie (May 2019)
Evaporation 2.5 & Surface Tension by Noah Travis Phillips (June 2019)
(understood) by Tyler Swain (August 2019)
flurry by Simone Ashmoore (October 2019)

desktop tropicalia by Mark Ramos (January 2021)
Mouth Wide Open by Amanda Agricola (February 2021)

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Michael Demers, curator