Color Field Paintings (Browser)
Browser windows

Included in:
Rhizome Curated ArtBase (New Museum, New York).

Exhibited at:
"HTML Color Codes" curated exhibition, Rhizome at the New Museum, New York, NY.
“Zeros + Ones: The Digital Era” exhibition, Climate Gallery, Long Island City, NY (Featured Artist Selection).
Arteria “Internet Livre” invitational exhibition, SESC Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil.
 "PixelPops!2013" juried exhibition, Isaac Delgado Fine Arts Gallery, New Orleans, LA.
The Wrong - Digital Art Biennale: Homeostasis Lab, São Paulo, Brazil.

Website visitor generates a series of browser windows, each with a randomly assigned color based upon parameters established for each piece.

Click here to generate the Color Field Paintings.

From Carolyn Kane, Rhizome Curatorial Fellow:

"Color Field Painting ('Where,' after Morris Louis) consists of a series of vertical browser windows that appear consecutively across the screen from left to right. Each browser is set to 800 pixels high, 100 pixels wide, making each window a broad stripe of color. Each stripe is filled with a different color. JavaScript is set to randomly determine which color will be loaded, but the set of possible colors is determined by the artist. The piece plays on the codification of online color in the context of art history. Morris Louis’ painting "Where" (1960), also consists of a series of multicolored bands that run vertically on the composition, and all of Demers’ color are digitally sampled from this palette. However, where Louis’s composition consists of hand-painted lines, and fluid and continuous brush strokes that gently converge at the bottom, Demers’s color bars are all formed according to the same rectangular dimensions and orientation. They are also animated in time; after all of the bars have appeared, they disappear after ten seconds, making his appropriation of the original a commentary on the grid-like structure of HTML code, and the ephemeral character of internet art."